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Importance of Dental Veneers

Dental Veneers and Its Importance

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Dental veneer are hell that are cu tom-made that are de igned to cover the outer urface to improve the look of teeth The e are adju ted on the outer of the teeth to change the ize, color, and hape Dental veneer ( ometime called porcelain veneer ) are made from... Read MoreRead more

Thyroid Gland Common Disorders and their symptoms

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The Thyroid gland i a part of the endocrine y tem The endocrine y tem i re pon ible for the production of hormone which act a a chemical me enger for the many organ in the body The multiple hormone produced by the human body are re pon ible for the body... Read MoreRead more

Surgery – Not something that you should be afraid of!

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Surgery i a medical procedure with tool & in trument to remove and repair injurie or affliction from the body that cannot be treated by medicine alone People prefer to avoid it a thi procedure involve cutting and ewing the body However, the advance... Read MoreRead more

Dental Hygiene and Oral Care Tips everyone should follow!

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Dental hygiene and oral care i an important concern for everyone People hould never be complacent about their teeth and take proper care of their mouth and teeth Apart from bru hing twice a day you hould al o get your teeth checked for di ea e and cavitie twice a... Read MoreRead more