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baby at risk


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Pregnancy i a beautiful journey The thought of your baby having a genetic di order, uch a Down yndrome, can be overwhelming What i uppo ed to be an exciting time i overtaken by worry and concern Expecting parent want clarity about their baby’ health, but... Read MoreRead more

ayurvedic migraine treatment

Ayurvedic Treatment that can cure Migraine

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Do you ever uffer from an unbearable headache that goe out of control Do you mi work due to evere pain Sometime the conventional Migraine Treatment doe not work and in that ca e, the Ayurvedic approach i the be t treatment for Migraine that provide a permanent... Read MoreRead more


Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome.

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AIDS al o known a Human Immunodeficiency Viru & Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome It i an infection cau ed by HIV which directly affect the body' potential to fight the variou viru , infection A per on might not ee any ymptom during the initial... Read MoreRead more

quit smoling

Want to quit smoking? Well be patient and follow these steps!

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We all are aware about the health ri k of moking, o if you’ve decided to kick thi habit, then congratulation ! But your fir t day with moking can eem like impo ible but remember! Nothing i impo ible Con umption of tobacco increa e the ri k of many... Read MoreRead more

menopause effect

Predicting when Menopause will occur

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Menopau e i a natural change in the body and i al o con idered a end of woman’ fertility It i a normal part of life and doe not con idered a a di ea e The average age of menopau e i 51 year (US) Sometime the ymptom of menopau e may occur year before a... Read MoreRead more

Migraine Treatment in India

Is it a Migraine headache or Tension Headache?

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I it a Migraine headache or Ten ion Headache The evere pain in your headache in your head make it tricky to under tand whether the pain you are uffering i ju t a ten ion headache or a migraine It i important for you to recognize your headache o that... Read MoreRead more

Tips to get relief from Migraine and Headache

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Both Migraine and headache have adver e impact on the tandard of lifetime Migraine are different from headache If you face problem like pain, nau ea, and en itivity to ound and light, then chance of migraine are more often There are many way to reduce the... Read MoreRead more

Are you suffering from depression- know the signs and symptoms

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Women have too many role in life, role of a mother, wife, employee, friend, healer, caregiver and many more The complexity of the e role can cau e the ituation of tre and depre ion in life The e mood change could be due to life event or due to hormone... Read MoreRead more

Types of Stress and its Diagnosis

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Acute tre Thi type of tre i hort-term and i the mo t common way that tre occur It’ our body’ reaction to any new challenge, event or anything that demand our fight or flight re pon e Acute tre i often cau ed by thinking about any certain of... Read MoreRead more

Dealing with Depression? Here is Why You Shouldn’t Avoid Consulting a Psychiatrist.

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There i a lot of humour in our country a ociated with mental health A huge difference i een between phy ical and mental illne If omeone i dealing with a mental tre or illne then going to the p ychiatri t i a really difficult ta k It’ okay to... Read MoreRead more