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Lifestyle disorders in India

Most Common Lifestyle Disorders in India

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Mo t Common Life tyle Di order in India A di order which i linked with the way a per on live can be termed a a life tyle di ea e Life tyle Di order in India include heart di ea e , obe ity, and cancer The main cau e of Life tyle Di order in India are no... Read MoreRead more

baby at risk


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Pregnancy i a beautiful journey The thought of your baby having a genetic di order, uch a Down yndrome, can be overwhelming What i uppo ed to be an exciting time i overtaken by worry and concern Expecting parent want clarity about their baby’ health, but... Read MoreRead more

Take Care of Gorgeous feet

Take care of your gorgeous Feet

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Our feet are amazing complexity which provide u upport, mobility and balance Sometime , we take our feet for granted; we forget it importance that it make u able to tand, walk, run, and jump and other movement al o Problem with the feet can al o have negative... Read MoreRead more

Do these yoga exercises to fight obesity

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Yoga i con idered good for both phy ical and mental health, expert ay i that Hatha Yoga or the phy ical a pect of yoga con i t of pecific body po ture or alignment exerci e that help a per on to achieve phy ical fitne required to attain piritual enlightenment... Read MoreRead more

Beat Insomnia and take a better sleep

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Sleep i ju t another important part in our life It i aid that, to remain healthy and leep one mu t take adequate amount to leep But there are people out there facing the problem of in omnia ie difficulty in leeping Sleep problem are quite common the e day , due... Read MoreRead more

Problems connected with Obesity

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Bu y chedule and more work load made people to work overnight and people generally blame junk food for their obe ity problem If a per on’ weigh more than 20% of the normal weight con idering hi /her height, then he/ he i con idered a obe e per on Obe ity can... Read MoreRead more

For healthy back- indulge yourself in a 10-minute exercise

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The back your body’ upport y tem made up of more than 30 bone and hundred of nerve , mu cle , ligament , and tendon Which mean it’ al o vulnerable to problem The mall portion of back pain problem are eriou and otherwi e, other are imple lower back... Read MoreRead more