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brain tumor

Know Everything about Brain Tumor

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Brain cancer i a di ea e of brain which happen due to growth of abnormal cell in brain When the e abnormal brain cell tart growing & multiply in ide the brain it lead to a primary brain tumor If proper medication i not taken and the e abnormal cell keep on... Read MoreRead more

quit smoling

Want to quit smoking? Well be patient and follow these steps!

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We all are aware about the health ri k of moking, o if you’ve decided to kick thi habit, then congratulation ! But your fir t day with moking can eem like impo ible but remember! Nothing i impo ible Con umption of tobacco increa e the ri k of many... Read MoreRead more

breast cancer

Breast cancer and Colorectal cancer in women

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1 Brea t Cancer Brea t cancer i one of the mo t common cancer among women A woman’ odd of getting brea t cancer are 1 in 8 A woman’ odd of getting brea t cancer are 1 in 8 In ca e of brea t cancer, your ri k i doubled if your mother, i ter or daughter... Read MoreRead more

perimenopause cancer

Ignoring these symptoms increases the chances of Perimenopause Cancer Risk

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We generally have perception of ‘tough it out’ It become a badge of honor to uffer through and ignore our ymptom When you’re between the age of 35 to 55 and ignoring the ymptom uch a brain fog, Fibroid , ovarian cy t , infertility, irritability, mood... Read MoreRead more