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Consider these things if you are looking for Eye Examinations

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A we all know eye are the mo t en itive part of the human body, hence electing a per on who i a profe ional eye doctor i a very important deci ion Fir t of all we need to know that there are 2 type of eye doctor - • OPTOMETRISTS - Optometri t i a doctor... Read MoreRead more


Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome.

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AIDS al o known a Human Immunodeficiency Viru & Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome It i an infection cau ed by HIV which directly affect the body' potential to fight the variou viru , infection A per on might not ee any ymptom during the initial... Read MoreRead more

chronic respiratory diseases

Rise in Chronic respiratory diseases in Rajasthan raises  alarm

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Upto 27% people between 40 and 70 year of age are at high ri k of Chronic Re piratory Di ea e in Raja than Raja than ha the highe t death due to chronic ob tructive pulmonary di ea e (COPD) in the country People mu t get a regular body check-up to keep a... Read MoreRead more

urgent care

Urgent care-neighborhood walk-in medical clinic

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Urgent care clinic i a type of walk-in clinic which primarily deal with injurie or di ea e which require in tant care The e injurie are not eriou enough that a per on need to vi it an Emergency Room or Department, for uch daily encounter a per on can u e... Read MoreRead more

Common Symptoms of Asthma, Causes and its Treatment Methods!

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What i A thma A thma i a lung condition in which the patient ha difficulty in breathing due to the trachea being conge ted by inflammation and welling The patient ha difficulty in breathing and it can trigger coughing, che t tightne , hortne of breath and... Read MoreRead more

Thyroid Gland Common Disorders and their symptoms

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The Thyroid gland i a part of the endocrine y tem The endocrine y tem i re pon ible for the production of hormone which act a a chemical me enger for the many organ in the body The multiple hormone produced by the human body are re pon ible for the body... Read MoreRead more

Get smooth and glowing skin by consulting Dermatologist in Jaipur

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Stre &environmental pollution along with other factor are re pon ible for modern day health hazard The mo t common among the e are kin ailment and hair fall problem An attractive phy ical appearance not only enhance per onality confidence but play an... Read MoreRead more

Panchakarma Treatment

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Panchakarma Treatment i the methodology in Ayurveda to purify the body of the toxic material developed due to the modern day food habit , di ea e & life tyle impuritie It i one of the olde t remedie dating back to 3000 year ! The concept of Panchakarma... Read MoreRead more

Left Kidney Pain – Should I Worry?

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The kidney are two fi t ized organ that play a very important role in the body That' why, for optimal health, your kidney mu t be in impeccable condition Sometime or regularly you may have pain on the left ide of your abdomen Left flank pain i a fairly common... Read MoreRead more

skin problems in summer

Common Skin Problems in Summer

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Summer corche India for almo t 6-8 month every year Every ummer ea on bring it fair hare of kin i ue Proper care hould be taken when going out in the unlight De pite your be t precautionary effort you might get afflicted by ome of the e kin... Read MoreRead more