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Consider these things if you are looking for Eye Examinations

As we all know eyes are the most sensitive part of the human body, hence selecting a person who is a professional eye doctor is a very important decision.
First of all we need to know that there are 2 types of eye doctors

• OPTOMETRISTSOptometrist is a doctor who is basically trained to identify & to examine the problems in eye vision. These doctors do a health assessment of the patient, having problem in eye, and refer them for further treatments. They also provide clinical advice & inform the patient about all the procedures required for further treatment.
Before getting officially registered all the Optometrists go through a clinical practice assessment, to ensure whether they are able to give proper treatment, advice or not.

OPHTHALMOLOGISTS –  A medical doctor who specializes in eye & vision care is called as OPHTHALMOLOGIST. These doctors are trained to prescribe glasses to contact lenses. They are able to eye surgeries which may be complex or delicate. An ophthalmologist is a doctor who treats basically all types of eye disease, infections, vitreoretinal surgery, ocular oncology, refractive surgery, veterinary, removing cataracts, lens implants.

So, once you know & understand these 2 types of doctor, a person can easily choose as to which doctor he/she needs to go for further eye treatment.
Now as we know which type of doctor to visit, just consider the following points and you can get your treatment done in a very good way.

Search For Referrals – You can get a list of best doctors from Optometrists. Also your friends, colleagues, relatives, someone might have gone through eye surgery, you can contact them & can get a good suggestion, as personal feedbacks work more rather than advertising. Prepare a list of doctors in the end and consult all of them so that you get to know about the various treatments available for the same disease & the cost involved in it.

Research Credentials – Once you have shortlisted the doctor you need to research a bit about him/her like if the person was involved in some malpractices, whether he is an experienced doctor or not. Check for the board certification of the doctor it tells exactly how experienced he is & what skills he/she has.

Gender – Gender needs to be considered as it is very important to be comfortable while having the treatment as you need to discuss your personal information openly with the doctor.

Insurance Plan – You can also consider the doctors which are mentioned in your insurance plan. As the treatment requires a lot of money so you can go for a doctor who is covered under your plan. It will be a great benefit in terms of money & the doctors listed in the insurance plan are mostly considered by everyone.

By considering all the above points a person can easily choose the doctor & can get the treatment done smoothly.

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