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Consider these things if you are looking for Eye Examinations

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A we all know eye are the mo t en itive part of the human body, hence electing a per on who i a profe ional eye doctor i a very important deci ion Fir t of all we need to know that there are 2 type of eye doctor - • OPTOMETRISTS - Optometri t i a doctor... Read MoreRead more

ear infection in childrens

why ear infections are common in children’s ?

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Many children face the problem of ear infection and often vi it a pediatrician’ office for the ame An ear infection i ba ically an inflammation of the middle portion, the part re pon ible for tran mitting ound from the eardrum to the inner ear An ear... Read MoreRead more

hearing and speech problem

Early Detection of Hearing and Speech Disorders

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Are you worried about your 3-year-old or younger child, who doe n’t eem to li ten Ha your child doe n’t peak Or doe your child weep often The e could be the ign of Speech and Hearing Di order Mo t of the children uffering from peech and hearing di order... Read MoreRead more