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ayurvedic migraine treatment

Ayurvedic Treatment that can cure Migraine

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Do you ever uffer from an unbearable headache that goe out of control Do you mi work due to evere pain Sometime the conventional Migraine Treatment doe not work and in that ca e, the Ayurvedic approach i the be t treatment for Migraine that provide a permanent... Read MoreRead more

brain tumor

Know Everything about Brain Tumor

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Brain cancer i a di ea e of brain which happen due to growth of abnormal cell in brain When the e abnormal brain cell tart growing & multiply in ide the brain it lead to a primary brain tumor If proper medication i not taken and the e abnormal cell keep on... Read MoreRead more

osteoporosis fracture

Elderly Women and Spine Fractures,Osteoporotic Fracture

Hormonal Change in women after the age of 45 make them prone to O teoporo i Fracture, which can lead to a pine fracture even after a minor trauma uch a coughing or neezing or a fall in the bathroom What i O teoporo i O teoporo i mean reduced bone... Read MoreRead more

Spine – Deciding Human Posture!

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A combination of 34 di tinctive Vertebrae form Spine in Human Every Vertebra hold it perennial importance Only a Be t Spine Doctor may under tand and vouch for their role in deciding the po ture for human ! Let u try and under tand the Vertebrae architecture in... Read MoreRead more