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Spine – Deciding Human Posture!

A combination of 34 distinctive Vertebrae forms Spine in Humans. Every Vertebra holds its perennial importance. Only a Best Spine Doctor may understand and vouch for their role in deciding the posture for humans!

Let us try and understand the Vertebrae architecture in depth. The uncommon & easy names already provided by Best spine doctor worldwide has ease out the difference making it easy for a layman to understand the importance of the spine.

In a top to bottom approach, the first seven Vertebrae named C1 to C7 frames Cervical Spine. This region is directly below the skull. The C1 Vertebra is directly responsible for holding the skull in its position. As per the Greek mythology, C1 can be compared with Atlas holding the earth on its shoulder! C1 is thus also known as Atlas! It is specifically designed not only to hold the skull but also to provide a safe passage for nerves emerging from brain to the rest of the body!

The Second Vertebra C2, also known as Axis shared the joint responsibility with C1 (Atlas) for the head rotational movement and nodding. The next time you nod your head, thank Atlas & axis for making it possible.

C3 to C6 Section Focuses more on Posture control giving the flexibility for a free rotation. C7, the last cervical spine vertebra also the largest of all cervical vertebrae, holds the junction to the next segment of spine.
Thoracic Spine from next 12 set of vertebrae (ranging from T1 to T12) topping each other in a coupling formation. This section is directly responsible to hold & support rib cage. Indirectly it may also given the credit to protect lungs!

The next 5 Vertebrae (L1 to L5) form Lumbar spine or lower back segment. This segment helps in rotating the spine & adjusting the sitting posture. Even a mild misbalance between these vertebrae will cause immense pain and affect the body posture directly. It is hence recommended to visit a best spine doctor in case you feel even a little bit of problem with your lower back. It is advisable not to ignore the pain.

The next lower structure infused of 5 vertebrae frames the Sacrum Region of spine. It is the pelvic region in humans that is different for males and females! In females, Sacrum is considerably shorter but far wider than males. This is to support child birth.

The next set of 4 to 5 vertebra fused together form coccyx also known as tailbone. The significance of coccyx is largely popular as they differentiate humans from apes. Though , no normal function is yet discovered for this region of spine, It is believed to balance the body providing the body the agility like monkeys! Though these beliefs are always questioned by medical aspirants!

The Jest of the topic is to treat the spine with utmost care! IT is always beneficial to consult the best spine doctor available in your area for any issue you notice with your spine! After all, a man without a spine is considered useless!

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