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Lifestyle disorders in India

Most Common Lifestyle Disorders in India

Most Common Lifestyle Disorders in India

A disorder which is linked with the way a person lives can be termed as a lifestyle disease. Lifestyle Disorders in India includes heart diseases, obesity, and cancer.

The main causes of Lifestyle Disorders in India are no physical activities like exercising, consumption of alcohol, smoking, and drugs. These diseases are significantly affecting the youngster lives also to the kids. As countries become industrialized and the coming in of technology makes life simpler but it also has changed the lifestyle of people. Less physical activities & more resources have made us preys to the diseases which we call a lifestyle disease.

As per a study, the death rate in The UK is four times higher from respiratory disease caused by an unhealthy lifestyle.

Causes Of Lifestyle Disorders in India

The way a person lives i.e. Lifestyle and what he /she eats i.e. Diet, these are the main factors that are responsible for Lifestyle disease. Drugs, Tobacco Smoking, Excess alcohol consumption, and No exercise increase the risk of developing these diseases.

Let’s discuss some of these diseases.

Obesity – This can be considered as the most commonly seen disease all over the world. Obesity happens when the eating habits of people are not healthy. Moreover avoiding physical exercise or not doing work that includes physical activities makes a person obese. A person should have weight according to the BMI, as excess weight can result in obesity & the person might experience issues like blood pressure, breathing and many more. According to a study in India, there are more than 155 million obese citizens which makes India on the second position in obesity.

Type ll diabetes – According to International Diabetes Federation, India has the largest amount of patients of this disease. In this disease, a patient doesn’t depend on insulin as it is already in the body but it cannot be used. Normally this disease develops among the youngster and it can only be avoided by limiting the causes of this disease.

High blood pressure – Blood pressure increases due to the increase of stress level in a person’s life, eating too much salt, aging, obesity. Doctors use a DASH program i.e. Dietary Approaches to Stop Hypertension, which helps to prevent the causes of this disease. As per research, 100 million people in India suffer from High Blood Pressure problem. When the machine states 140/90 it is considered to be high blood pressure.

Cancer – When the stress in a person’s life increases, the body starts losing its immunity which means that white blood cells lose the power to fight the viruses entering the body. Unhealthy eating & smoking habits are the main reasons for cancer.

Now when we know about these Lifestyle disorders in India then we should also know how can we prevent these diseases from attacking us.
Below are some tips that a person should consider and follow in daily life routine.

1. A wholesome diet is needed for your health. Eat more green vegetables, replace junk food from healthy snacks, eat foods rich in fiber.
Drink a lot of water.

2. Include exercise in your daily routine or if you don’t get time for exercise then you can use stairs instead of lifts or escalators. Go on a walk after having food. Play with kids and you can burn some calories their also.

3. Remove any kind of addiction from your life whether it is alcohol, drugs or smoking.

4. Keep a regular check on your weight as gaining weight can lead to obesity.

5. Avoid high intakes of sugar, salt, oil as they can lead to increased blood pressure, diabetes and other diseases.

So above were the points that a person should consider in life in order to be healthy and fit.

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