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Take Care of Gorgeous feet

Take care of your gorgeous Feet

Our feet are amazing complexity which provides us support, mobility and balance. Sometimes, we take our feet for granted; we forget its importance that it makes us able to stand, walk, run, and jump and other movements also. Problem with the feet can also have negative impacts on other parts of the body.

There are some interesting facts related to our feet, such as:

Each foot has 26 bones, which comprises of more than a quarter of the bones in our body.

Each foot has 33 joints as well as more than 100 ligaments, tendons and muscles.

Each foot has a complex network of blood skin, nerves, blood vessels and soft tissue.

There are common foot injuries and conditions that create a problem in proper functioning.

Athlete’s foot:  common symptoms are itchiness, burning and stinging feet. it is a foot condition spread by the transmittance of fungus in moist, public places.

Blisters: this condition is caused by sweaty feet or by standing or walking for long distance and even caused by ill-fitting shoes.

Bunions: A painful, inflamed bump on the side of the big toe that causes the big toe to bend inward toward your other toes.

Corns: A foot condition in which thickened, circular patches of skin on the toes and sole of the foot.

Flat Foot: It is a genetic condition where there is little or no natural arch of the foot.

Mallet Toe: A condition where the curves down instead of outward

Fungal Nail Infection: A disease in which yellow, flaky, streaky and crumbling toenail as fungi enter the toenail.

To protect your feet, it is very important to take proper care of them and also visit the ankle specialist for the same.

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