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menopause effect

Predicting when Menopause will occur

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Menopau e i a natural change in the body and i al o con idered a end of woman’ fertility It i a normal part of life and doe not con idered a a di ea e The average age of menopau e i 51 year (US) Sometime the ymptom of menopau e may occur year before a... Read MoreRead more

Migraine Treatment in India

Is it a Migraine headache or Tension Headache?

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I it a Migraine headache or Ten ion Headache The evere pain in your headache in your head make it tricky to under tand whether the pain you are uffering i ju t a ten ion headache or a migraine It i important for you to recognize your headache o that... Read MoreRead more

Tips to get relief from Migraine and Headache

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Both Migraine and headache have adver e impact on the tandard of lifetime Migraine are different from headache If you face problem like pain, nau ea, and en itivity to ound and light, then chance of migraine are more often There are many way to reduce the... Read MoreRead more

Are you suffering from depression- know the signs and symptoms

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Women have too many role in life, role of a mother, wife, employee, friend, healer, caregiver and many more The complexity of the e role can cau e the ituation of tre and depre ion in life The e mood change could be due to life event or due to hormone... Read MoreRead more