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Surgery – Not something that you should be afraid of!

Surgery is a medical procedure with tools & instruments to remove and repair injuries or afflictions from the body that cannot be treated by medicines alone. People prefer to avoid it as this procedure involves cutting and sewing the body. However, the advance technologies with correct use of medicines have made surgeries painless. Still, one should get the final opinion of the Best Surgeon in Jaipur about the following procedures.

1. Eye Surgery

Eye surgery is performed on the patients to correct the loss of vision caused by cataract, glaucoma, vision deterioration, dry eyes and vision refractive errors. The common Eye Surgeries performed are:

• Cataract & Glaucoma surgery
• Corneal Surgery
• Refractive surgery
• Vitreo – Retinal Surgery
• Eye Muscle Surgery
• Oculoplastic surgery

2. Breast Surgery – Breast surgery is generally suggested to patients suffering from breast cancer & breast asymmetry. In breast cancer, the cancerous tissue forms tumors in the lymph nodes or other areas in the breast. To prevent the cancer from spreading to the other parts of the body the cancerous tissue is removed through breast surgery. Breast reconstruction and breast augmentations are done if the patient has suffered injury or wants to enhance their breasts with saline or gel implants. A cancer specialist in Jaipur can help you diagnose breast cancer.

3. Neuro Surgery – Head injuries, brain tumors, Blood clot in the brain, injury to the spine and to Nervous system, disorders are treated through neuro surgery if needed. Neuro Surgery is a complicated process and is performed by the best surgeons in Jaipur.

4. Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery – Plastic surgery is used for treating burn or accident damage to the body. It reconstructs and restores the previous look or can be used to alter the look of the face or the place of the injury. Skin is taken from one area of the body and implanted to the injured part and allowed to heal naturally.

5. Orthopedic Surgery – Orthopedic surgery treats musculoskeletal system injuries like bone fracture repair, joint replacement, ankle, knee, hip and spine surgery, soft tissue repair surgery etc. Orthopedic surgery is performed using arthroscope called arthroscopy or by open surgery.

Surgery is an important branch in the medical profession. Surgery can treat conditions that cannot be treated using just medicines. It provides a new lease of life to cancer patients. Many surgeries if timely performed at the critical juncture can save lives. A general surgery doctor can give his opinion if you need surgical treatment or not!

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