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Want to prevent your liver from wrecking?

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Liver, a large meaty organ that it on the right ide of the abdomen, ju t below the lower ribcage The liver i not omething you probably think much about but it ha a very important role in the body The main job of the liver i to filter the blood before upplying... Read MoreRead more

surgeries for weight loss

Are you looking for surgeries for extreme weight loss?

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A per on i con idered a fatty per on when the exce ive amount of body fat Being exce ive obe e per on can lead to many health problem like diabete , high blood pre ure, and diabete A per on with obe ity i diagno ed when the body ma index (BMI) i 30 or higher... Read MoreRead more

oral health issues

Oral Health Issues in Older Age

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Aging per on are more at ri k of chronic di ea e of the mouth, uch a dental infection , oral cancer, tooth lo and many more are oral health i ue Since childhood, we have been told to bru h teeth and flo ing on routine Oral hygiene i the key to healthy teeth... Read MoreRead more

tooth sensivity

Sensitive tooth- a major problem

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Nowaday , tooth en itivity i a common dental problem that cau e di comfort or pain in teeth Sometime while having ome very cold eatable , you might feel brain-freeze or achy teeth Thi pain i harp and udden but temporary The main cau e of tooth en itivity i... Read MoreRead more