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Sensitive tooth- a major problem

Nowadays, tooth sensitivity is a common dental problem that causes discomfort or pain in teeth. Sometimes while having some very cold eatables, you might feel brain-freeze or achy teeth. This pain is sharp and sudden but temporary. The main cause of tooth sensitivity is the breakdown of the tooth enamel which later exposes the nerves and delicate inner parts of the tooth. The disturbance in tooth enamel can lead to decay or trauma to the tooth. The problem of failing to floss or flossing can cause diseases related to gum whereas brushing teeth too fast can cause tooth decay later which can harm tooth roots and sensitive nerves. Not only this but the consumption of high sugar drinks and beverages can lead to tooth decay and also affect tooth enamel.


Patient’s cannot control some of the tooth decay results like accidents which result in fall or blow to the face or mouth, can cause teeth to get broken or cracked. This further changes the appearance of the patient. Some people have a habit to grind their teeth, which is often termed to have a dental condition called Bruxism. Excessive grinding and pressure on teeth can damage tooth enamel.


Sensitivity tooth can be cure by regular dental care and a balanced diet. Brushing teeth twice a day and flossing is the important part to prevent from gum diseases and cavities. For healthy teeth, it is recommended to change brush in every three months and also to use a soft-bristled toothbrush at least to brush teeth for two mins.


Oral hygiene is a major part to maintain good dental health. Consult to the best dentist for root canal, regular check-ups in every 6 months to protect your teeth from gum and other dental issues. Regular dental check-ups and examinations can provide relief from teeth enamel and also helps to fix the problem from Bruxism.


Healthy and balanced diet is the key to maintain good mental health, fruits, white meat, whole grain, drinking plenty of water can keep the gum problems and cavity at bay. Consult to the best dentist for sensitive teeth, to get rid of unpleasant dental problems. Many times, these sensitive teeth problems can be avoided just by proper oral healthcare and healthy consumption of food.


So, if you have not visited to the dentist in these six months, it is recommended to get in touch to your dentist to maintain sensitivity-free teeth.





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