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Oral Health Issues in Older Age

Aging persons are more at risk of chronic diseases of the mouth, such as dental infections, oral cancer, tooth loss and many more are oral health issues. Since childhood, we have been told to brush teeth and flossing on routine. Oral hygiene is the key to healthy teeth and gums. In every six months, people must see their family dentist.

As we grow older, our teeth wear out like the rest of our bodies and therefore they are more prone to disease, complications and certain infections.

Many oral health issues lead to some severe health issues. There are some of the common issues of the teeth and gums that can occur such as tooth loss, oral cancer, and gum diseases, infections of the mouth, oral candidiasis, dry mouth, cavities, receding gums and many more.

Saliva is the liquid form which is important for a healthy body. It contains an essential substance that is required by our body to digest food and keep our teeth strong. As we grow older, the formation of saliva decreases and that makes the mouth dry. In case, when we enough saliva is not produced, trapped bacteria have a better formation to thrive and attach onto teeth. Moreover, if cavities are not treated well, then this problem of tooth decay could occur, later this can cause infection in jawbone tissue and make the jaw weaker.

Here are 5 oral health issues that older people might feel:

Dry Mouth:

Dry mouth is a situation when the formation of saliva decreases when leads to a problem with chewing, eating, and swallowing. The causes of dry mouth could be any medications, radiations or chemotherapy and any kind of injuries to head or neck.

Gum Diseases:

It is the infection in the gum and tissues that occur in place. This generally occurs when plaque enables to build up in the gum line. To avoid gum disease, brush and floss daily and visit the dentist on regular basis.

Mouth pain:

Toothache or any other pain in the mouth can create problem while chewing anything. During these conditions, you should avoid eating certain foods and also decrease the consumption of calories as they created difficulty while eating.

Oral Health Issues or Abrasions that don’t heal:

The chances of oral cancer increase with the age of 55. Oral Health Issues(oral cancer) does not show up the symptoms of the diseases at initial ages but the passage of time the symptoms leads to many difficulties. Visit your regular dentist in every six months, so that you can cure yourself of oral cancer and abrasions as they don’t heal easily. For healthy oral conditions, consult to your dentist in every six months

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