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Beat Insomnia and take a better sleep

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Sleep i ju t another important part in our life It i aid that, to remain healthy and leep one mu t take adequate amount to leep But there are people out there facing the problem of in omnia ie difficulty in leeping Sleep problem are quite common the e day , due... Read MoreRead more

How do you deal with your headaches?

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People often complain about regular headache , which can be cla ified a ten ion headache About 90% of the headache are due to ten ion headache only, lack of leep, bad po ture, eye train, hunger and tre are ome of the common ymptom which people generally... Read MoreRead more

Problems connected with Obesity

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Bu y chedule and more work load made people to work overnight and people generally blame junk food for their obe ity problem If a per on’ weigh more than 20% of the normal weight con idering hi /her height, then he/ he i con idered a obe e per on Obe ity can... Read MoreRead more

These mistakes might cause Back Pain

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In today’ time, we are into uch a life tyle that it i difficult for u to maintain u healthy and happy Back pain, frozen houlder and other uch type problem are common to uffer from There are a lot of thing that can cau e back pain Mo t commonly, poor daily... Read MoreRead more