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These mistakes might cause Back Pain

In today’s time, we are into such a lifestyle that it is difficult for us to maintain us healthy and happy. Back pain, frozen shoulder and other such type problems are common to suffer from. There are a lot of things that can cause back pain. Most commonly, poor daily habits are the ones that cause you to having an aching back.
If you’re constantly suffering from back pain, or if you want to prevent yourself from a painful back, try to avoid few unhealthy habits which are responsible for back pain.
1. Constantly sitting for longer period
Sitting improperly can also overstretch the spinal tendons and strain the structure surrounding your spine. Sitting for a longer duration can make your muscles less flexible and that can also reduce the amount of blood circulating and the oxygen going to the muscles cells.
2. Improper lifting
Lifting of heavy objects in improper manner can increase the stress placed on the back and can easily cause muscle tears, tissue damage or may be small fractures. To avoid these complications, use your bum muscles more when lifting heavy objects.
3. Poor Posture
Bad postural habits alter the biomechanics of your body. The increasing pressure on your lower back due to altered biomechanics can cause a discomfort in your back. Practicing and maintaining correct posture is important to avoid such complications.
4. Overweight
People with overweight have more chances of back pain than others. The weight contributes to the risk of injury to the spine and back and also puts additional pressure on the spine. The body’s center of gravity and will shift with excess weight. This shift will cause your body to hold an unnatural posture which in return can cause pain and other back problems.

5. Smoking
Smoking affects the tissues of the lower back and also slows down the circulation; reduce the flow of nutrients to joints and muscles. By avoiding these kind of bad habits can help you to minimize back pain.
Therefore, incorporating healthy habits into your everyday life can help you to reduce the back pain and also help to maintain correct posture.

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