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This winter care yourself

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In winter we are more prone to certain health problem that come with thi ea on Apart from common health problem like cold, flu and other winter i ue there are many kin problem that haunt u Some kin problem like acne i omething which make u look dull... Read MoreRead more

Know home remedies for Asthma Treatment

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A thma i a very commonly een lung di ea e, in which your airway narrow and well and produce extra mucu Thi can make breathing difficult and trigger coughing, wheezing and hortne of breath There are two type of a thma problem either acute or chronic The A thma... Read MoreRead more

How do you deal with your headaches?

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People often complain about regular headache , which can be cla ified a ten ion headache About 90% of the headache are due to ten ion headache only, lack of leep, bad po ture, eye train, hunger and tre are ome of the common ymptom which people generally... Read MoreRead more

Common Symptoms of Asthma, Causes and its Treatment Methods!

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What i A thma A thma i a lung condition in which the patient ha difficulty in breathing due to the trachea being conge ted by inflammation and welling The patient ha difficulty in breathing and it can trigger coughing, che t tightne , hortne of breath and... Read MoreRead more