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Are you worried to Want Calm your Anxious Stomach?

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People often uffer from ga , bloating, con tipation, tomach up et Ga trointe tinal i ue are too common and unfortunately can get you down The dige tive y tem i a group of organ working together to convert food into energy and al o help to provide all the... Read MoreRead more

ear infection in childrens

why ear infections are common in children’s ?

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Many children face the problem of ear infection and often vi it a pediatrician’ office for the ame An ear infection i ba ically an inflammation of the middle portion, the part re pon ible for tran mitting ound from the eardrum to the inner ear An ear... Read MoreRead more

osteoporosis fracture

Elderly Women and Spine Fractures,Osteoporotic Fracture

Hormonal Change in women after the age of 45 make them prone to O teoporo i Fracture, which can lead to a pine fracture even after a minor trauma uch a coughing or neezing or a fall in the bathroom What i O teoporo i O teoporo i mean reduced bone... Read MoreRead more

Are you suffering from oral health issues?

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It i our daily routine to bru h our teeth twice a day and flo ing and vi it to denti t for every ix month We were told that at a very young age that oral hygiene i the key in healthy teeth and gum If proper care i done throughout our live , we will have more... Read MoreRead more