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These yoga asanas induce better sleep

You might wonder how yoga can induce better sleep, but it’s true. Yoga focuses on deep breathing and
this helps to relax the body. The combination of subtle body movement and breathing cycle that yoga is
helpful in the activation of the parasympathetic part of your nervous system and this helps in eliminating
Every asanas serves different purpose, likewise, some particular asanas are very effective for better
sleep. Here are some yoga asanas:
1. Virasana
The person needs to sit with your hips resting on your heels, stretch your ankles and knees. Stretching
your spine upside and taking deep breaths in this position will help clear your mind and slow down your
heart rate.
2. Balasana
Settle your hips on your heels while your chest settled between our thighs. Put your toes on toes on one
another while your thigh can lie apart. Place your forehead on the floor and start making walk like
movement from your fingers and arms stretching.
3. Bitilasanas and Marjaryasana
For Bitilasanas asanas, you need to pull your lower back down with your tailbone and head pointing
upwards. Whereas for Marjaryasana, you need to do the reverse, your tailbone and head tilt downwards
while your spine is arched upward like the shape of letter of letter C.
4. Viparita Karni
Lie down on the floor with your hips touching the wall and stretch the leg vertically upward on the wall.
It helps in loosens and also relax the muscles in the lower section of your body.
5. Ananda Balasana
Bring your knees closer to the chest; hold your toes with your fingers. Now, push your heels towards the
ceiling while your hips should be

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