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Safety measures to be taken for Animal Bite

Safety measures to be taken for Animal Bite

India is considered as the boon for the pet industry. Acc. to India International Pet Trade Fair, the population of a pet in India has grown from 7 million to 10 million from 2006 to 2011. And on average, more than 600000 pets are adopted every year.

Pets at homes are loved all over the world. There are several benefits of adopting a pet in the homes, they can enhance the mood, they are a way of exercise, helps us to reduce stress, and also they work as a safeguard for us.

But Are you aware of the prevention when your pet/ stray animal bitten you?

Animal bites are either provoked or unprovoked one. If a person teases a dog or tries to disturb a dog without any unnecessary reasons, then there are chances of provoked bites. Whereas, if you’re sitting in the garden, or moving around, and stray dog approaches to bite then it would be considered unprovoked bite. Before attacking animals usually give warning signs like hissing, arched back, barking, growling and lowered ears.

Every animal bite needs to be checked by a doctor, to check for infections or debris in the wound like teeth, clothes, or dirt. In case, the person needs to seek immediate attention after the bite has occurred. Some common symptoms of animal bite include redness near the infected area, swelling, thick drainage from the wound, severe pain, and fever.

Cats and Dogs are the major animals that every person wants to bring them home. But there are certain things which needs to be kept in mind while identifying animals, such as

For Dogs: always avoid eye contact with them, do not approach an unknown dog, and keep some distance with them, no matter how familiar you are with them. Do not try to run while you are in front of boys.

For Cats: give animals their space to live and interact. In the case of cats, slowly walk away when they show aggression like raised hair, arched back, thrashing tail and many more.

Look for safety measures:

Maintain as much as distance between the victim and the animal as you can. Use some hard things like your purse, backpack, footwear or any clothing that to keep the animal from attacking. After Bitten by animals: quickly wash the wound with the water for continuous 10 mins. Apply an antibiotic cream and cover the bite with a clean bandage. If the wounds are not too deep, the animal has been vaccinated in the last 364 days, and are up-to-date for tetanus shots. Whereas if the wound is deep, then you should seek for medical attention immediately, has it could lead to rabies.


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