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Panchakarma Treatment

Panchakarma Treatment is the methodology in Ayurveda to purify the body of the toxic materials developed due to the modern day food habits, diseases & life style impurities. It is one of the oldest remedies dating back to 3000 years!

The concept of Panchakarma therapy is Complete detoxification of the body from the below mentioned impurities:
1) Vata
2) Pitta
3) Kapha

As the name suggests, ayurvedic Panchakarma treatment means five activities or five ways of treatment. Pancha means “Five” and Karma deciphers as “methodology” or “treatment”. This methodology requires a 3 week detoxification program and a revitalization time. The detox phase focuses not only of removing the waste from the body but to ensure that body gets maximum benefit of nutrients consumed. This is considered as the initial stage as per Ayurveda to cleanse the body and prepare it for any future therapies if required.

The five activities practiced in panchkarma therapy are:

1) Vamana: The translation of this Sanskrit word is to vomit. With this, Tissues and the Stomach are freed of any toxic materials. It also focuses on food pipe and the upper layer of the skin. IT is done to take care of problems like excessive fat (Obesity) & respiration issues (asthma). It is divided in two ways:

a) To liquefy the toxics by applying specially prepared oils over the skins to target fat. It may also be done via making ayurvedic potions and vomiting to get the impurities of stomach out. For impurities in form of toxic fat, Oils help in collecting toxic raisin.

b) Special remedy is then used to remove this raisin in form of Sweat from the body. IT is termed as induction of tissue vomit.

2) Virechana: This part of panchkarma focuses on cleansing on stomach, Small intestine and liver to control Bile. Specially prepared herbal laxatives are provided to the patient for complete cleansing. This technique is helpful for Jaundice, Hepatitis & herpes patients.

3) Basti: This step is considered similar to Enema. A mixture of herbal prepared laxatives with mik, purified butter is induced in large intestine via rectum. This process is to eliminate any digestive disorders and focus on issues like Piles.

4) Nasya: The meaning of this Sanskrit word is “through nose”. This activity focuses on improving the sensory organ as well as clarity of thoughts, relief in acute headache, common cold etc. Herbal medicinal smoke is inhaled by the patient in special cloth covering the face.

5) Rakhta Moksha: It is used to clean the blood and focuses on skin related diseases like rashes, pimples etc.

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