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Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome.

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AIDS al o known a Human Immunodeficiency Viru & Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome It i an infection cau ed by HIV which directly affect the body' potential to fight the variou viru , infection A per on might not ee any ymptom during the initial... Read MoreRead more

chronic respiratory diseases

Rise in Chronic respiratory diseases in Rajasthan raises  alarm

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Upto 27% people between 40 and 70 year of age are at high ri k of Chronic Re piratory Di ea e in Raja than Raja than ha the highe t death due to chronic ob tructive pulmonary di ea e (COPD) in the country People mu t get a regular body check-up to keep a... Read MoreRead more

fracture and sprains

Fracture and Sprains- Measures to be taken care of when there is no Doctor

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Fracture & prain are the harm occurred to connective ti ue , ligament , or to the mu cle Fracture & prain can happen anytime to anyone whether young or old You don't know when a lip or fall can convert into a prain or a fracture So here you can find... Read MoreRead more

urgent care

Urgent care-neighborhood walk-in medical clinic

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Urgent care clinic i a type of walk-in clinic which primarily deal with injurie or di ea e which require in tant care The e injurie are not eriou enough that a per on need to vi it an Emergency Room or Department, for uch daily encounter a per on can u e... Read MoreRead more