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Most Common Symptoms of Heart Attacks – and how to look out for them

India is a country that is fast on its way to be known as the country with the most number of deaths relating to the heart. Heart diseases sneak up on a person due to various factors like his food habits, drug and alcohol usage, a sedentary lifestyle, consumption of junk food or food rich in fat and preservatives etc. Statistics show that more than 50 billion people in India suffer from heart related problems. By the year 2030, there is a lot of speculation that deaths relating to heart issues will constitute around 40% of total deaths. Heart diseases are more prevalent among those living in urban areas than rural areas. This is because the lifestyle of people living in rural areas is much healthier and involves a lot more physical activity than that of a person living in an urban area.

This article enumerates the warning signs that must be carefully monitored to prevent heart attacks or chronic heart diseases:

  1. Chest pains – the most common of symptoms that strongly suggest heart problems and this symptom should never be ignored.
  2. Heart burn –heart burn is often dismissed as mere indigestion but it is in reality one of the symptoms of heart failure.
  3. Pain in the arm – most frequently experienced symptom and denotes heart problems.
  4. Sweating or dizziness – a person may experience extreme sweating or feel disoriented and this is a symptom as well.
  5. Shortness of breath – a person may find it difficult to breathe and feel as if they are suffocating.
  6. Palpitations – a sort of fluttering in the chest that needs immediate medical attention.

A good lifestyle including the intake of a well-balanced diet with enough physical activity is the key to steer clear of all heart related problems.

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