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Get smooth and glowing skin by consulting Dermatologist in Jaipur

Stress&environmental pollution along with other factors are responsible for modern day health hazards.The most common among these are skin ailments and hair fall problems. An attractive physical appearance not only enhances personality confidence but plays an important role in dealing with social situations also! A healthy Skin and hair play an important role in this regard. Skin being the largest organ of the body that acts as a protective layer.Skin not only protects a person from direct attack of microorganisms on vital & vulnerable organs but also regulates the body temperature. So,it is our first and foremost duty to respect &take care of our skin and consult a dermatologist in Jaipur case of any problem!

Dermatology (derived from Greek word ‘Derma’ which means skin) is a branch of science that deals with skin, nails, hair and its diseases.To ensure a healthy lifestyle working efficiently with a dermatologist to diagnose and treat skin related problems goes a long way.

A dermatologist plays an important role in educating, screening and dealing with skin related issues. Most common skin ailments include:

Acne: The most common skin complain acne, not only affects a person physical health but also has a deep impact their mental condition.This inflammatory skin disease causes spot and pimples on the skin and if not treated on time can leave deep skin scars. The major cause of acne is the oil gland simulated by hormones secreted by adrenal glands.
Though there are many home remedies suggested for treating acne, but not all are supported by research. Therefore consulting a dermatologist on time can help prevent scarring, reduce inflammation and speed up healing.

Eczema: This chronic skin disease is characterized by skin irritation, itchiness and flaky patches on skin. The disease is triggered by environmental factors like environmental pollution, abnormal functioning of the immune system or can be genetically inherited.Though the disease is not contagious, however undergoing skin treatment under the supervision of a dermatologist can help in early cure of the disease.

Scar treatment: Scares are a typical result of an injury such as a small cut, burn or an incision due to some surgery or acne. Though scars cannot be permanently removed but can be made less visible.Dermatologists offer skin treatments to improve the look of the scars and if need be undergo surgery for enhanced treatment of serious scars.

Specialized care of skin, hair, and nails: Dermatologists can be consulted for any skin conditions ranging from discolorations to stretch marks, to psoriasis, to warts. All these problems can be treated with medical, surgical, and cosmetic dermatology using advanced diagnostic and therapeutic services.

Skin damage: If you are concerned about aging skin or desire to minimize skin damage, seeking advice from a dermatologist can help you prevent skin damage from sunburn to wrinkles to skin cancer.

Early detection of skin related issues by routine skin examinations is crucial for successful treatment.If you desire a supple smooth skin, consulting a dermatologist on time helps to provide early control of diseases, improve skin appearance by removing discolorations or damage caused by ageing, sunlight or diseases.

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