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Four common causes of knee pain

Knee pain is very painful, and it can be caused by a sudden injury or by other conditions such as arthritis. If you are a weekend warrior, getting knocked down by knee pain is never a fun time. There are several causes of knee pain, know more about these causes so that you could avoid such knee pain.

1. Tight Muscles up the line: Tight muscles in the thighs or hamstrings are the most common cause of knee pain. When these muscles are tight, they will pull on the tendons and ligaments that attach in and around the knee joint whereas this leads to the pain until the muscles are loosened up.

2. Improper Foot Support: wearing improper footwear’s or new shoes can lead to the problem of knee pain too. Wear the proper footwear to support your knee and as well as to you foot. If you are suffering from chronic knee pain, then you need some extra support and having supports custom- made is the best defense against knee pain for you.

3. Improper Alignment: when you are not allowing your knee to track appropriately over your toes. If the toes are moving inward and outward of the knee joint, then this could lead force on the knee ligament and could cause unwanted pain.

4. Overuse Injuries: when you are not giving proper time to your body for rest, then overuse injuries will weaken tissues and lead to unhealthy knee conditions. Time to time rest is important for the body for proper functioning.

These are the four main reasons that can cause discomfort in your knee, and also there are some common home care techniques that can control inflammation and provide you relief are protection, rest, ice, compression, and elevation. Give your knee proper protection so that it could be protected from further injuries, also use ice whenever the strain in knee.

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