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Follow these 10 ways to keep your Child’s heart healthy

Parents always keep their children on priority; they always want to see their child eating a balanced diet, performing exercises, doing well in life and many more. All children, regardless of
their age, pick parents as their number one role model. If a child sees that eating well and getting
plenty of exercises is important to his parents then in that case, he is more likely to adopt a similar

If the family members are eating street food, then, in that case, you cannot expect your children to
eat green vegetables. Similarly, if the child sees mom and dad using mobile phone, he is likely to
do the same. It is better to indulge your child at the early phase of life.

Ways to raise a healthy- heart child:
1. Indulge in physical activities: – Exercise with your family, go on the walk; indulge
yourself in outdoor activities and more into physical activities.
2. Be positive: Celebrate every moment of life, this will help in creating a positive era you
and child, and this will also enable you to perform every task in positive manner.
3. Limit screen time: Excessive use of TV, computer and phone time can increase the risk
of obesity and cardiovascular diseases. Likewise, your children follow your footsteps
and they will also perform that the same which is also not good for their health.
4. Make dinner a family affair: Involve your child in planning meals and take them along
to grocery store so that they could learn more about reading nutrition labels and make it
fun for your child.
5. Always keep healthy options: Whenever your child feels hungry, give him healthy
snack options such as whole grain crackers and string cheese, fresh vegetables, nuts and
dried fruits and many more.
6. Stay Involved: Being a parent always took actively participate in your child’s activities
or decisions. Discuss about healthy food choices, physical activities at school.
7. Take your child along with you: Whenever you visit to the grocery store, take your child
along with you and ask him to read the nutrition label, so that he could understand the
product well.

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