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Being a Diabetic, Are You Still Not Giving Attention to Your Feet?

Diabetes is a serious health issue which is affecting millions of the people around the world. Diabetes could be hereditary or could develop after that too. It is a condition where the body’s normal production and absorption of insulin is hindered, this alters the amount of sugar in the blood and the body’s cells intake of glucose for energy and proper functioning. People suffering from diabetes are at higher risks of infections, blindness, and oral health issues and may be nerve damage.

Diabetic’s people are also at higher risk of severe foot injuries, common diabetic foot conditions involves damage of foot nerve, infection in foot and other food health issues.

Neuropathy, foot ulcers, and cuts in feet, and swollenness are common diabetic foot conditions that can result from diabetic foot neuropathy. The damage nerve in the feet will result in the inability to feel heat, cold or pain. This can be very harmful for the person suffering from diabetes as one person feet could be lack of sensation because of the infection whereas other person’s feet can get burned and frost-bitten.

Athlete’s foot, it is a fungal infection that generally itching, red, and cracked foot.

Blisters, it is one of the common foot problem, often painful and cause discomfort. People suffering from diabetics may not feel the pain of the blisters, increasing their risk of the blisters worsening and getting infected.

Dry Skin, diabetics have cracked feet that can result in splits and cuts of the skin, which allow germs and bacteria to enter and can lead to many infections.

Fungal Nail Infection, in infection the nails get discolored, thick and brittle. Some also the nail to separate from the rest of the nail.

Calluses, apart from diabetes, there are also many causes for calluses including improper fitting shoes, a skin abnormality or an uneven distribution of weight. With calluses, hard skin will develop on the underside of the foot.

Corns, in this condition hard skin are build-up either between the toes or near a bony area of the toe. Sometimes the pressure and rubbing of the toe with the shoe or other toes are the result of Corns.

Foot Ulcers, without immediate care deep cuts and sores on the foot can easily get infected and this result of an infection.

Diabetics always need to take extra care and attention of their feet as they are more prone to infection and foot nerve damage, otherwise this could turn into serious foot issues.

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