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Approach the responsibility of a New Life with Love & Care

A new life joining the family is the best news a couple can get in their lifetime. After childbirth it is important to take good care for the new mother and child properly. With the advancement in technology, it has become easier to take good care of the mother and child at home. A female gynecologist near me can impart knowledge to the family about the precautions that should be followed.

Here are some tips which an expecting mother should follow before and after the arrival of her child.

Prenatal Care – In this stage the expecting mother is going through many hormonal and emotional changes. Regular visit to the gynecologist helps in assessing the condition of the mother and child during this period. Doing regular exercise and eating healthy while striking a balance between work, home and yourself is necessary.

Prenatal Yoga – Yoga and regular exercises help to strengthen the abdominal muscles. This allows the mother to relax and have a calm mental state devoid of any stress. It nurtures the better growth of the child. Yoga helps the mother-to-be to better manage pain during labor and promote natural delivery.

Nutrition Planning – The diet of an expecting mother should contain all the required nutrients essential for the fit and healthy growth of the fetus. The expecting mother should have at least three meals a day. The meals should contain fruits and vegetables, lean proteins such as eggs, fish, milk and cheese, whole grains that provide fiber, iron and B-vitamins and dairy products such as yogurt, milk, butter etc.

Pregnant women also need to take some prenatal vitamins such as folic acid and iron because some nutrients can’t be obtained from foods alone.

Postpartum Care – The body of a woman goes through a lot of changes during pregnancy. Their body needs to recover properly after delivery. The body is prone to different ailments such as breast engorgement, constipation and discharge from the vagina, body trying to get back in shape etc.

Postnatal Care – New mothers go through mood swings and hormonal changes after giving birth. They face irritability, insomnia and restlessness. To treat this, the home atmosphere should be positive and the mother and child care should be done in a happy environment while encouraging the mother to bond deeply with the child by breast feeding and body to body touch.

Mother and child care should be approached with a positive attitude. The health of the mother and child stabilizes properly and the growth of the baby is normal without any complexities.

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