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Advancements in Speech Therapy

Right to free speech is a fundamental right as per the Constitution of India. Speech therapy is provided mostly for children who have difficulty in clear speech or those with lisps or those whose speaking abilities have been impaired due to accidents etc.

Children born with congenital disorders like the cleft lip and palette often require the help of speech therapists to better their speech. Even people who find it difficult to swallow food or water may also take the help of a speech therapist. The main objective of speech therapy is that the child is understood by others and this goes a long way in boosting his self-confidence and fragile self-esteem. Oral motor exercises are the main platform around which all other activities center.

A person or child who has the problem of stuttering or articulation or delayed speech finds the services of a good speech therapist to be invaluable. A speech therapy doctor generally works with the child or person needing the service for a fixed period say an hour twice or thrice a week or sometimes even daily depending upon the severity of the case. It is the subject matter of speculation that there will be a great demand for speech therapists in future because as the population grows health issues will also grow. Also it is a major cause of concern for parents as children with speech issues are more prone to learning disabilities.

Trans formative genetic studies provide new solutions everyday and these solutions are so complex and sophisticated that it boggles the human mind. Research is conducted on how the reflex from the stomach to the vocal tissues harms the larynx.

Self-administered computer therapy, behavioural phenotyping, bioengineering advances etc. are the most recent trends in speech therapy and these procedures are such that it is almost too complex for a layman to process.

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