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Can Diabetes affect your Eyes?

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Diabete i a condition that i cau ed when gluco e level in ide the body turn out to be too high and can influence every individual There are variou ide-effect of having diabete and it i a condition that ought to be con idered important and checked intently... Read MoreRead more


Want to prevent your liver from wrecking?

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Liver, a large meaty organ that it on the right ide of the abdomen, ju t below the lower ribcage The liver i not omething you probably think much about but it ha a very important role in the body The main job of the liver i to filter the blood before upplying... Read MoreRead more

Cosmetic Surgery

Consider these things before Cosmetic Surgery

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Co metic urgery i a type of pla tic urgery that aim to improve a per on’ appearance, but it hould be approached with caution If you’re planning for co metic urgery, don’t ru h in for a co metic procedure, a thi i omething that can change your life and... Read MoreRead more

breast cancer

Breast cancer and Colorectal cancer in women

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1 Brea t Cancer Brea t cancer i one of the mo t common cancer among women A woman’ odd of getting brea t cancer are 1 in 8 A woman’ odd of getting brea t cancer are 1 in 8 In ca e of brea t cancer, your ri k i doubled if your mother, i ter or daughter... Read MoreRead more