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Five Common Ear, Nose And Throat Symptoms One Should Not Ignore

There are several ENT disorders faced by individuals all around the world. Although not all the patients experience all the major symptoms but if you experience any of them; it is highly advisable to consult an ENT doctor for the same. Here is a list of major ENT symptoms which you should not ignore –

Symptoms of ear infection

The most common ENT disorder is the ear infection which occurs when the germ get trapped inside the inner portion of the ear. The major signs and symptoms of the ear infection are as follows –
• Fever
• Loss of balance
• Pressure and pain
• Difficulty in hearing
• Recent history of the upper respiratory infection

Symptoms of Sinusitis

This disorder occurs when a germ gets into the hollow recesses of the skull which surrounds the nose and ears.Typically the sinusitis can last from a few weeks to years if it is left untreated. The symptoms of sinusitis include –

• Cough
• Toothache
• Fever
• Headache
• Fatigue
• Congestion
• Nasal discharge of various colors and consistency

Symptoms of Strep throat

A bacterium called streptococci is responsible for the disorder called strep throat. It occurs when the germ infects the throat and its surrounding structure. The symptoms of this medical condition are identical to the symptoms of some other medical conditions. So it is important to consult a best ENT doctor if you experience any of these symptoms –

• Difficulty swallowing
• red, sore throat
• Enlarged tonsils
• white patches on the tonsils or in the back of the throat
• fever
• body aches
• fatigue
• Enlarged lymph nodes
• skin rash (rare)

A majority of people come across these symptoms on an early stage but the condition becomes critical when one does not consult an ENT doctor at the right time. That is why it is highly advisable to consult an ENT specialist if you come across any of the severe symptoms.

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