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Top Five Cosmetic Treatments To Fight With Skin Aging

Beauty is timeless but retaining such beauty after the age of 30 can be a bit difficult. This is the reason why women all around the world spend billions of dollars every year on cosmetic treatment. Now, the question is; do all such cosmetic products actually work? The answer is yes but it is completely subjective to the type of medical procedure and the experience of the dermatologist who has prescribed it to you.Now the tricky part is finding the right dermatologist for your skin treatment and considering the type of treatment which would suit your needs. When it comes to choosing the doctor then make sure he is certified and holds all the relevant qualifications to effectively perform a medical procedure.

Coming back to the types of medical treatments to prevent skin aging; there are many options available. Here is a list of the top five treatments –

1. Over the counter creams – The over the counter products are considered to be the safest option for skin ageing treatment because it doesn’t expose the skin to any painful surgeries, chemical peels etc. a majority of women opt for retinoid creams and peptide creams which claim to fight wrinkles and fine lines without going through any pain.

2. Laser skin resurfacing – The laser skin resurfacing is the process in which a high-intensity light is used for skin tightening which ultimately leads to the removal of wrinkles and scars. However, the effect of the treatment may vary according to your age and skin type. Also, make sure to choose an experienced and highly skilled plastic surgery doctor to get quality results.

3. Microdermabrasion – This process is carried out with the help of a minimally abrasive instrument which uses a fine and tiny particle or a hard diamond-tipped wand which gently removes the thicker and uneven layer of your skin which leads to new skin growth. Such medical procedures are not usually painful and have a quick recovery time. The only drawback it has is its short durability, the effects only last for a few days and additional treatment session may be required. So, it is recommended to consult your plastic surgery doctor for your treatment.

4. Chemical peels – The chemicals peels are a type of skin treatment which works for the wrinkles, fine lines, mild acne scars, dull skin textures, age spots, and other associated medical conditions. The intensity of the chemical peel varies and will be decided by your dermatologist as per your skin condition.

5. Cosmetic surgery – The cosmetic surgery is preferred by the skin specialists when a patient requires a skin treatment for forehead, eyelids, face or neck. This type of surgery is preferred by those who want to enhance their appearance and can be performed for any part of the body. A majority of people prefer it because its effects last for a very long duration and enhance the one’s appearance.

One can choose any of the above-mentioned skin treatments on the basis of their skin requirements and the suggestion made by their dermatologist.

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